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Snoqualmie Valley Kids Dentist review summary

5on Google,Jul 07, 2021


Dr. Cody and all the staff are amazing! They made my boys feels so special! Gave my son a “Happy Birthday” card and photo! Thank you! Amy

5on Google,Jun 11, 2021


An amazing experience for our 3 year old son. He came home so excited to talk about his teeth and was thrilled with the Spider-Man stickers he received for doing a great job at his visit

5on Google,Apr 28, 2021


Fantastic dentist! My kids love going!

5on Google,Apr 02, 2021


Best place to have kids check

Recommendedon Facebook,Mar 06, 2021


very friendly and welcoming dentist office would recommend to friends and family

Recommendedon Facebook,Mar 05, 2021


I love taking my children here. The staff are so nice and considerate and they make my kids comfortable to be there.

Recommendedon Facebook,Mar 04, 2021


Friendly people, nice clean atmosphere, quick...all good things when bringing your kids to the dentist!

5on Google,Feb 16, 2021


Couldn't recommend more! Super friendly staff and warm with my kiddos. They felt safe and even possibly enjoyed the experience. Hygienist was fantastic with gentle service and interaction with my littles. They call cavities sugar bugs which I just found to be so cute. Dentist was attentive, engaged and and genuine. Will definitely make this our new Dental home.

5on Google,Feb 05, 2021


I really like the dentist care my son gets at the Snoqualmie Kids Dentist , they are nice , professional & Dr.Cody does a great job , gives thourah explanations & appreciate his kind interaction with my son .

5on Google,Jan 29, 2021


They were so kind and friendly. They were patient and caring while working with my almost two year old and did their best to make her comfortable.

Recommendedon Facebook,Jan 20, 2021


my kids have always looked forward to their appointments which will help them keep up with their dental care as adults. mother of 7 and , so far, 15 years of care from them!

5on Google,Jan 06, 2021

Daniella Moreano

Wonderful first visit with my 3-year old! Everyone was warm and kind. Dr. Cody Mast was so patient with my son, he took time to explain everything from the lights to the tools. Great experience.

5on Google,Dec 29, 2020


My daughter and son love to go to Snoqualmie Valley Kids Dentist! They are super friendly and caring and the environment is perfect for the kids. To start, they have a little room with toys so they get distracted while waiting for the appointment (not now with COVID 19, social distance and everything), then the kids can choose a movie to watch during the treatment, so they get comfortable. At the end, they get little treats for being so brave.

5on Google,Dec 07, 2020


The staff at SVKD are caring, friendly, and well trained. Dr. Jenny Lee is amazing! I am happy with her care and her team.

5on Google,Nov 20, 2020


I really LOVE this dentist. It was my daughter's first dental visit and she is one of the shyest toddler I have ever met. The dentist and assistant actually gave her really good amount of time to calm down with me before they started. They let her touch all tools they were going to use, so she didn't cry as hard or long as I expected. They know a lot about kids and how to interact with them, so it made me comfortable going there as well.